What I can do

I can do most things except for technical drawings. I specialize in characters and landscapes that may simply be for Dungeon and Dragon campaigns, preproduction for games, or just for something to have. I'll let you know if the commission is feasible. I work only on original characters, I do not do fanart for commission.


I usually track the cost by the amount of time spent on a painting. I say "usually" because there are other factors that goes into pricing, sometimes I'll reduce the cost if the commission is particularly fun to do (which also makes it faster to finish). Certain time constraints and my schedule might make my time worth more, though if this happens to be the case I might just refuse the commission.

That said, most commissions run from $30-$100 for a digital painting. I don't usually charge extra for color because color simply adds more time, though I may charge extra if I'm finding the color difficult to pull through. I do not send prints but you may ask that the commission be in a print resolution, which I will charge extra for. If you wish to print the work, remember to include the dimension in inches in which you want it to be printed.

All payments MUST be through paypal, I'll give you my paypal e-mail account once I get well on the way on your commission.

Send Commission

Make sure you provide a valid email otherwise I will not be able to get back to you.